The Project

HR Climates Project LogoThe concept of organizational climate has been studied in the field of organization studies for the last three decades and is generally related to the performance of the organization. More recently, researchers on organizational climate have...


Dr. Ali dastmalchian photoThe breadth of the partnership within the immediate research team extends from members with varying areas of expertise that range from organizational behavior and theory to members that deal specifically with human resource management.

Case Studies

Case Study ImageWe would like to gratefully acknowledge the following organizations, from around the world, for opening their doors and participating in this study. Without their support, this project would not be possible.

"To make HR practices more than isolated acts, managers and HR professionals must master the theory behind HR work; they need to explain conceptually how and why HR practices lead to their outcomes … Regardless of the preferred theory, managers and HR professionals should abstract from it a higher level of reasoning for their day-to-day work and thus better explain why their work accomplishes its goals" Ulrich (1997; 238) from Bowen & Ostroff (2004; 217).

HR Climates: Assessing their Impact on Organizations and Individuals

We aim to develop theory to explain the link between HR practices and organizational and individual performance. Viewing climate as an intervening variable, we seek to develop, conceptually and empirically, the notion of HR climate as a missing link in the study of human resource management and its affect on performance. That is, our position is that HR practices and policies lead to organizational and employee outcomes through the creation and development of an appropriate HR climate in organization.