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The breadth of the partnership within the immediate research team extends from members with varying areas of expertise that range from organizational behavior and theory to members that deal specifically with human resource management. We have members with different methodological orientations; and members with different working knowledge and industry expertise ranging from health care to finance. The research team members have worked together on a number of projects over the years and have developed a familiarity with each other and team approach in their collaborations. We are building on this history of knowledge exchange and effective working relationships. With Dr. Ali Dastmalchian serving as the primary investigator, the co-investigators for the project are as follows:

Dr. Nicola McNeil


Nicola is a Lecturer in Management at Latrobe University, Melbourne.  Her research interests include organisational strategy, organisation theory and research methodology.  Nicola’s PhD was awarded in May 2010 and examines the efficacy of corporate planning practices in Australian Universities.  Nicola has also recently been appointed to the Executive of the Australian Consortium of Social and Political Research, which is the premier research training provider for universities in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Paul Blyton


Paul Blyton is a Professor of Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology at Cardiff Business School. He has acted as an Expert Advisor to the OECD, Paris and the International Labour Organisation, Geneva on aspects of working time, and on the future of the iron and steel industry. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Victoria and Lethbridge in Canada, and at Melbourne and Deakin universities in Australia.

Dr. Nicolas Bacon

Dr. Nick Bacon
United Kingdom

Nicolas Bacon is Professor in Human Resource Management at Cass Business School, City University London. His interests include team working, employee responses to change, training, equality, trade unions, HRM and performance, HRM in SMEs and the impact of private equity. He formerly worked at Nottingham University Business School, Loughborough University Business School and Cardiff Business School.