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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The aim of this study is to develop the construct of Human Resource Climates (or HR climates) in organizations. We have listed a few common questions about the project here. If you have further questions, contact Lead Investigator, Dr. Ali Dastmalchian (


  • What are HR climates and why is it important?

HR climates refer to the norms, assumptions and the work atmosphere in relation to the company’s HR activities. This is a highly topical and vital area, given the current debates on the role of HR practices on work outcomes and organizational performance globally. We hope to develop a better appreciation of the cultural differences that may impact HR climates and its consequences.


  • How do we study HR climates?

This study examines the impact of HR climates on the relationship between organizational and HR practices and policies and the desired outcomes and performance for the organization and its employees. To accomplish this we interview senior leaders or senior HR managers in each organization and then distribute a survey.


  • Why should my company participate?

The report will be a great opportunity to understand the HR climate of your own organization. The added benefit is for your group, managers and employees to contribute to the current state of the climate for human resource management and the advancement of knowledge in this area.


  • Who is involved? Can I join the research team?

Our worldwide team is comprised of academics and industry partners from Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Iran, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. If you are a researcher or company who is interested in participating, please contact Lead Investigator, Dr. Ali Dastmalchian (


  • What will happen with the data?

The interviews and surveys will be analysed to determine the impact of climates on the relationships between company practices and performance - both within each country and across societies. A report will be prepared for the participating companies, and for the major grant provider – the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).